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The catch? You may have trouble getting past the physical relationship -- with your difficulties opening up and trusting others, it can be a challenge to find a long-term partner. That said, your intensity and passion will have most people ignoring the warning signs and just enjoying everything you have to offer. Meeting Aries is like running against the flow of a buffalo stampede. Getting close is like touching a flame. It will be so very attractive, yet also contain overwhelming energy. To put this fire to its best use, you must do something that comes very naturally to you -- control it.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: A Hypnotic Obsession? ⋆ Astromatcha

Sound like you? Well, you do share the planet Mars as the ruler of your signs. The key is your subtlety. Aries loves to hunt you down, so keep pretending to flee! There is a rub, in case you were wondering. Unless the Aries you mate with is particularly evolved, you might quickly lose patience with this childlike soul.

No matter how you wind up feeling about Aries, you will still get an important karmic lesson: that living in the moment every once in awhile can be a lot of fun, and that you really are the master of the sexual universe.

Sun enters Scorpio

Just when you thought you had all of humanity figured out is probably the time the universe will arrange for you to meet Taurus the Bull. Indeed, here is someone who answers your need for a partner that feels pleasure and sensuality as deeply as you do, yet will resist every attempt you make to establish control. The two of you are natural partners of the "opposites attract" variety. No matter your gender, this power of attraction will make it difficult to avoid going to bed together.

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The only thing missing in your love life might be the element of surprise. Because the two of you like to know what you can expect at every turn, you might easily get caught in a repetitious routine. There are times when you want to be with someone who seems like a challenge to pin down, and when those moments arrive, Gemini is your perfect partner.

This chatty, fast-thinking lover will carry on a conversation that will make your head spin -- and may even become soporific, if you let it go on for too long. Gemini people will not like any attempts that you make to control or otherwise restrict their freedom. Even the act of being in a room with just the two of you and a closed door has to be "sold" to this one. This challenge, however you perceive it, will only serve to turn you on even more.

That means one thing -- you have to get this lover! The first obstacle will be to get Gemini over the fear of being captured. Suggest going to neutral ground -- or at least for the first time, not to your bed. Gemini always quivers when asked about making commitments, so it will take time before a long-term relationship can develop. Looking for more love insight? With two sets of claws, hard shells, and hearts that melt at the prospect of sex -- and, oh, love and romance as well -- you and Cancer will make good bedfellows.

This emotionally-driven person will relate to you easily, and for someone so sensitive, be far less intimidated by you than most others are. A truly mature Scorpio rising person has learned to be soft and emotionally available without feeling raw and unprotected, and to connect without behaving like either a victim or a victimizer.

With the development of emotionally intelligent, permeable boundaries, the crusty walls can come down without a loss of selfhood, making intimacy possible.

Scorpio Compatibility: What Zodiac Sign Should A Scorpio Be With?

Intimacy is not the same as symbiosis, a state where one being has taken over and contains the other. Intimacy is a state of closeness between two independent individuals, a state entered into by choice. For Scorpio, life is empty without intimacy, but with intimacy, life is interesting, absorbing and compelling. To gain access to true intimacy, not symbiosis, you must learn to possess yourself and not others. A self-possessed Scorpio rising individual is the most attractive person imaginable.

Any Scorpio riser who does the work of forming healthy not reactive boundaries, will become positively irresistible. I guarantee it. Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since and teaching since She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. We will treat your information with respect.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: A Hypnotic Obsession?

No Comments. Tags: astrologer astrology Berkeley boundaries characteristics class intimacy Jamie Kahl learn lesson online relationship relationships Scorpio sign study teach teacher teleclass traits. About Jamie Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since and teaching since The Sorcerer, so adept at hiding his or her true self from others, has no defence against another Sorcerer.

This can be both highly unsettling and at once somehow liberating — if both partners dare to be seen in their true light, they can find themselves dancing very much in step. In that case, Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility can be unbeatable, given the strong desires and resolute determination of both partners. When the dark side of Scorpio emerges against another Scorpio, it can be frightening stuff indeed. In order to get more insight into this complex and challenging relationship, we recommend an Astromatcha star sign compatibility report for a full picture of your joint strengths and weaknesses.

Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! I am a november 9th scorpio. My girl is a scorpio on nov. I am 2 years older than her so my maturity is probably the thing that keeps us together.

I already knew that if i wanted to settle for one girl this is the one.

Scorpio & Pisces Sun: Love Compatibility

FR no one goes as deep with me as she does. ON all levels shes the closest.

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Wait maybe besides sexual attraction. My ex a sag. She is verrrrrry flirtatious but so am i but not as bad. She loves to have the upper hand and be in control and sometimes i let her but only with certain issues. The one thing about a scorpio is that they may be deeply in love with you and loyal, but best believe the scorpio girl always has a back up plan.

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Another thing i begin to notice is that to keep them happy , just keep the vibe positive when you are around her. She may be quiet and reserved but if you can make her laugh and feel comfortable she will open up. I love this girl with my life and see her as my ride or die.

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