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In essence, a solar eclipse creates the effect of a new moon, except that it is multiplied with power. An eclipse has the power to change your life completely by speeding you up to the future. These changes may be choices that you make yourself, however, sometimes the changes arrive externally, without your consent.

Your Weekly Horoscope: A Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon in Leo Will Turn Up the Joy!

No matter what happens — even if the results feel strange and unwarranted at first — it's all meant to guide you towards reaching the place you were always meant to reach. It's about becoming the person you've always been meant to become. Something to keep in mind with regard to a solar eclipse is that it tends to announce an internal change rather than an outward change. This is when you begin to understand the beginnings of a new journey you're about to embark on.

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You may realize that it's time to change your career path or that your relationship is no longer making you happy. However, these private revelations are often soon followed by concrete action, because a lunar eclipse is soon to follow, which often signifies something coming to an end.

In this case, the partial solar eclipse in Capricorn will be proceeded by a total lunar eclipse in Leo on Jan. Remember that in order for something new to start, something old must be said goodbye to.

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This could be a state of mind, a relationship, a commitment, or any number of things. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, eager to accomplish its goals, work harder than anyone else, and remain steadfast in the face of failure.

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It's a zodiac sign that understands persistence, tough love, and putting in real, tangible work. During this solar eclipse, you will be opened to the idea that you truly have the power to do whatever you want to do in this life, as long as you're willing to do whatever it takes. Since February of , there have been eclipses cycling through the signs of Leo and Aquarius back-to-back.

Eclipses always happen in pairs, usually between sister signs, AKA opposite signs, like Leo and Aquarius. Each set of eclipses revolves around a central theme or axis—in Leo and Aquarius, the eclipses brought your attention to your sense of self vs.

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There have been eight eclipses in this cycle so far, with this final lunar eclipse being the ninth. The first set of eclipses in February brought drama and confusion to your relationships. Fast forward to that August and the next set of eclipses including the first total solar eclipse in about years , which urged you to ask your place in the big picture. January brought the next couple of eclipses, which focused on your private self vs.

How January 12222's Two Eclipses Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign In The New Year

You were made aware of self-imposed restrictions that you set in order to fit in with the crowd or stay in relationships that no longer served you , and were called to step into a more sincere lifestyle and accept yourself. The last couple of eclipses in summer shed a light on the true opinions and feelings of others.

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After coming to terms with yourself, this was the point where you had to take a hard look at how other people truly felt and acted and determine whether they were aligned with your best interests. As this final eclipse wraps things up, it asks you to reflect on how your relationships have changed in the past two years.

The last trials and tribulations in your relationships are building up to a climax now, and the final results of this cycle are right around the corner. This can mean cutting out toxic relationships, or removing a self-imposed mask that prevents you from living your truth. Based on the astrology leading up to the moment of the eclipse, its apparent that the theme of relationships is incredibly prominent during this final cycle. This eclipse is the closing act of a two-year-long show about relationships, and the effects of this cycle are still waning.

You can form the relationships you want for yourself and thrive now. Understand and own what makes you different, and celebrate your uniqueness with others. This final eclipse sheds a light on the last of the clutter you have to clear out of your relationships so that you can be percent, unapologetically yourself and have a network that fully supports you!