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An unexpected gain occurs in the second week of September , and the last decade is also generous. In December , the attitude towards money will completely change in comparison with the year that just ends. You will be more moderate with the expenses for others and will regard them with more discernment. If you have the possibility to invest in real estate — houses or land —you will have everything to gain. It is an excellent time for this type of investment. During the past seven years, Uranus had been in transit through the second house of Pisces, the astrological house of work, of money and proprieties.

You had the tendency of taking financial risks and obtaining mixed results: sometimes they gained important amounts of money, but sometimes either they lost, or you spent with no measure. Another propensity manifested all during this period was to find less common methods of earning money. And there are a lot of such methods all over the world, if not invented, at least practised by you under the influence of Uranus.

Pisces Health & Wellness Horoscope

During July 8 and August 1, with Mercury — the planet of intellect, communication, and adaptability — in retrograde, the Pisces employees become more productive and efficient. During these three weeks, their focus is increased, thus they can fulfil their tasks easier than before. They pay attention to details and their memory is functioning great. They make a habit of checking many times over what they have done, so the possibility of making an error is diminished by a lot. On December 3 , a second good news: Jupiter — the most important and the most powerful from the planets that are considered beneficial — enters the house of profession and of public image, of social status.

Pisces 12222 Horoscope

It is a suitable period for asking for a salary raise or for a promotion. Jupiter will support your efforts in this direction. Moreover, we are talking about a period in which people with power and authority display a benevolent attitude towards you. Now you can improve your work relationships with the superiors, business owner, teachers, masters etc.

Jupiter in the house of health has a positive influence on the functioning of their organism and their mental state. This beneficial planet offers optimism and a great mood, thus we get rid of stress and react with a smile on our faces in any situation. One single risk is brought by this astral aspect: gaining weight. Expansive in its own way, the planet will sometimes push us to excesses, which can result in few extra pounds.

But will not deal with being together with a partner they only want a friend with benefits and fun. Daily horoscope - Pisces. During the phase you will be equally active in both the fronts whether it is profession or domestic.

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They have nothing in common. Read today's Aquarius Horoscope on Astrology. You may be worried about the health of your spouse or partner till the 19th. This transit awakens your desire to create, stimulates your pride and sense of being in charge of your life, and encourages you to express yourself. Most people, whether they admit it or not, are addicted to reading their daily horoscope first thing in the morning in the newspaper, or online.

High levels of satisfaction are indicated. Horoscope, also known as birth chart or natal chart is a significant tool used in Vedic Astrology to study about you and. Jessica Adams has prepared your weekly astrological forecast for Your Weekly Horoscope August 19th to 25th. Your Moon sign is Pisces. If you're into reading your daily Pisces horoscope, our website is a terrific way to get all your astrology in one place. View your daily Pisces horoscope on love, career and money advice.

Pisces daily horoscope Friday, August 23, Should you save, spend or splurge? Get your free Pisces money horoscope and find out what the planets have in store for your finances today!. Another took an epic three-week family trip with her parents, which is par for the course with travel-loving Jupiter here.

Pisces is the 12th and the last Sign of the Zodiac. I created a new site! Check it out, spread the word, and let me know any feedback you have at positivelyastrology gmail. Work area will be dominated by profitable results. Horoscope says, this year your ruling planet Neptune is in IXth House due to which your luck may continue to favor you.

Pisces Horoscope. Monthly Horoscope for September. You will have good relations with siblings and other relatives. Libra Daily Horoscope. This is tomorrow's pisces horoscope, one day in advance. Every year, we make so many resolutions to bring the best out of the given time, so that we can thank ourselves before the beginning of the new year. But before you can tackle your to-do list, la luna locks into a challenging angle with the messenger planet, bringing interruptions from all corners. The chart displays only the dates when the Moon hopped from one house to another. Join Our Newsletter Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates.

Aries Money. You are not only fine tuned with your own feelings but are able to catch others emotions on your radar easily as well. Monthly Horoscope for Jupiter is also known as the biggest benefit among the planets. You will work with immense energy and gusto which will bring expected results, whereas in familial life you will discharge the responsibilities quite promptly.

Barbara Goldsmith 63, views. Health will be better during this period. Pisces Horoscope See previous Vedic Astrology Club recordings for how to run this Report. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel - the dreamer, the hopeless romantic, the psychic, and the most sensitive of all. It is this ability of yours that makes you the perfect c. You will be energetic, solid, resistant, spirited, trustworthy, hardy and resolute. You may want to pay more attention to those close to you, who may feel that you've been careless lately.

Even forward thinkers who are usually on their toes suddenly develop brain freeze. Friday 23rd August, Pisces 20 February - 20 March The Sun's move into your sector of relating and its links to Venus and Mars, can shine a light on a key bond and enable you to smooth over any difficulties. You'll have all the strength you need, but don't be surprised if authority figures are less than helpful. Also, your monthly horoscope Pisces complement the daily Pisces predictions with a broader forecast.

Care must be taken in all the affairs. Your free Capricorn tomorrow's horoscope by Easyhoroscope. She also writes the weekly forecasts for horoscope. Your Daily Pisces Horoscope for August 25th, So while we're entranced by all things mysterious and magical, let's deconstruct all our dreams and fantasies -- with a little astrological help, of course. To cast a precise daily Pisces Horoscope for tomorrow Sunday, August 18th , we need your first name and your favorite number. The Astro Twins forecast Pisces' horoscope for today.

In February I ordered two spells.

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  • Read your daily horoscope in addition to, your love, money and weekend horoscope, online at California Psychics!. Learn what to expect from your day and what how to make the most of it.

    Free daily astrology predictions for today, tomorrow and after-tomorrow: overview of the day and horoscope of each zodiac sign. Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be in Sagittarius Nov.

    Today's Pisces Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

    The most compatible zodiac signs with the Taurus native in love relationships are: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Libra, read your weekly love horoscope before heading into your week. It is known that Pisces somehow, thus, takes ups the different attributes of all the other 11 Signs. Cancer Daily Horoscope. You are likely to plan a trip with family. Water Signs in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces The horoscope predicts a quieter year than for Scorpio, who is going to achieve emotional balance and stop taking impulsive decisions. Get your free yearly Pisces horoscope and Pisces astrology.

    Edito: Each day, find the forecast for your sign for Pisces!

    Weekly Horoscopes - This Week's Astrology Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

    Written exclusively for My Daily Horoscope, Susan's daily horoscope gives keys to understand the current zodiacal trend, make good decisions to anticipate the future with confidence. Horoscope Predictions Horoscope is something that you must be looking for to make your year fantastic.

    By pouring your energies into achieving a goal, you can make it. Radhekrishna Shashtri. Daily Pisces Horoscope, Friday, 23 August You can't exchange your car for a newer model just because you keep getting stuck in a traffic jam. Pisces is the sign of dreams, disappointments and spiritual enrichment. At a distance of about light years parsecs away, it is located within the Taurus-Auriga Star Forming Region. Pisces' Career. It is also followed that the effects of Pisces Zodiac sign takes around days to come into its full effects.

    Pay special attention to your dreams this week! It's always easier to decipher the mysterious messages hidden in our subconscious when the Moon is in Pisces. You can get rid of some personal junk. These free horoscopes are based on your zodiac sun sign. And the ability to persist in your labours regardless of the obstacles is as important with your personal life as it is with your career and material aspirations. Make the most of your upwardly mobile stars.

    Marry where you want to go is the advice for You could be attracted to someone of power and influence or a person who has fierce ambitions. And a new relationship should add quality and substance to your life. You have a tendency to enter relationships with people who need you, which means you inevitably sacrifice your needs, feelings and desires in the process.

    And often such relationships peter out, leaving you feeling used and abused. It is time to set wrongs to rights. Turning points for your love life are likely to appear on or near 19th February, 10th April and 14th September. While there are plenty of Pisceans in the financial industry or who do well from investments, is not a good year to take major risks, particularly in the currency markets. Promotion, recognition and greater opportunities are on offer this year, but the casualty of your success could be lost alliances, even a broken relationship.

    Try not to be so trusting with individuals or companies: they must pass the litmus test of integrity and solvency. You may need some new luggage. Trust yourself. Clearly, the year will have its challenges and disappointments, but on balance it is a good year. Nor should you let others remind you of past failures or your weaknesses. Astrolutely Fabulous! Forecast Pisces. The Week Ahead for Pisces. Doing the sensible thing. The Month Ahead for Pisces.

    October Not everything is set in stone. Actions have consequences. We make choices. The Year Ahead for Pisces.