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Since this story has been written by an ingenious author, even though we all have a suspect in mind, there's bound to be a surprise in store. There will have been a few carefully placed red herrings which have led us off track.

Gemini Horoscope | October 9th

Cosmic forces enable you to uncover lots of missing information today. Although some of it will surprise or even shock you, it will be of great benefit.

If you found this forecast helpful, imagine how much more I can tell you with more information from you. With your full birth details I can tell with surprising accuracy, what's likely to happen in your life going forward and I can reveal to you so much about why you are, the way you are. Treat yourself. Download your personal chart now!

Gemini in the Complete Horoscope

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Click to accept. The 13th Sign? Email: Pass j :. Life with Gemini is certainly never boring.


They love learning about everything, and are happy to share their bounty. Curious Gemini craves a steady diet of new and stimulating sensations and information.

The other air signs Libra and Aquarius feed their need for conversation partners, and the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius their love of novelty. And Virgo? The debate whether things must be practical to be interesting is never-ending.

The Father of Gemini

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